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We assemble brand structure

Our Design Process

Kick-off Meeting


We love to start with a consultation that lasts one up to two hours, where we construct a brief to understand our clients' mission, vision, and brand goals. We provide a questionnaire that helps you navigate during the consultation process. The questionnaire helps our clients describe every aspect of their business; so that we can understand the full story of the brand like challenges, competition, strengths, and more.




Using the data collected during the consultation, we conduct more in-depth research that gives us insight at whats inside the market place, what your competition is doing in your industry, and what is missing from our clients' offering. The research helps us form a strategic plan that will lead to creating what you need for your business.


Building The Story


Your brand story is an essential element in the design process. The story told about your brand becomes strategic assets that form the bridge between the company, it's products, and who you serve.


Visual Identity


After we establish a tone and story for your brand, we focus on the look and feel of your content. Then we create all the visual design assets and create different versions that are inspired by your business core identity. Establishing a visual identity will help your brand grow and evolve in the future.


Client Presentation and Approval


After we finalize the art boards, identities, we present them to our client. We walk you through all narrowed down concepts with you to help you choose the perfect branding solution for your business.

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